Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fruit Snacks- literally

Soooo Dr Oz, heard of him? I was reading an article about him in Health Magazine and how he "healthed up" a family. One of the things I read thats really quite obivious but you never really think of it at the time was.... when you are in snacking mode and you can't stop and are eating a bunch of junk food your body is not going to get nutritionally full. When you are snacking your body is looking for a certain nutrient that it is lacking and cheetos are probably not what it wants. Next time you are eating everything in sight really think, did I eat protein, calcium, vitamin C today? Maybe try to crush two birds with one stone by eating a cheese stick with an apple or melted cheese over broccoli. mmm I just love cheese. Today, as I am doing my version of hunger challenge I've been eating fruit for my snacks a banana and a kiwi if you havent already guessed. It's obviously not that much of a challenge today because I have so much food in the house but once it starts getting to the 4th day I'll be hurting. Have an awesome day!

egg beaters + mushrooms + laughing cow ligh cheese wedge = heaven

I had 2 servings of eggbeaters left, 1/2 cup of mushrooms and one laughing cow garlic and herb cheese wedge. Cook the mushrooms first so they get soft that add the add and cheese....SO delicious!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ode to a thoughtful blogger

heateatreview.com is one of the most entertaining blogs I read. Its very relevant to me as I love a good frozen dinner. Abi Jones, the creator of HER is funny, smart and thoughtful. She is partaking in a hunger challenge where she only spends $4 on food everyday. Are you wondering why $4? It's because that is what you get to spend when you are on food stamps. $4? I've spent more on a coffee! So $28 per week, that makes the dollar menu start looking expensive. Knowing abi is ONLY spending $4 a day on food I've decided to tighten my belt a little as well. I'm going to only eat what I have at my house- no eating out, no grabbing a coffee or soda when I'm out. I'm also going to go through my pantry and donate everything that has not been used in the last few months. Seriously, that pure pumpkin I bought 4 months ago would be a lot better used making pumpkin pies or muffins for others. I know everyone is struggling financially these days but I think it would be great if you did have something to give to a local food bank whether it be food or time to donate this month, I know everyone starts thinking about those in need during the holidays but people are hungry 365 days a year!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SemiHealthy's playlist to rock out to in the gym/shower/house party

Kanye West-Work out Plan
Britney Spears-Radar
Maroon 5- Little of your Time
Taylor Swift-Our Song
Jason Derulo-Whatcha Say
Scissor Sisters- I Don't feel like dancing
Beyonce- Check up on it
Vanessa Carlton- Nolita Fairytale
Lady Gaga- Paparazzi

just try not to sing at the gym (its incredibly hard for me!)

Hunger Cues

So I was just thinking about being hungry and how mean I get when I am in this state. Honestly you do not want to mess around with me when I am hungry-nothing is funny to me and the only thing that will provide me with happiness is food in my mouth. Listening to your body's cues is such an important aspect of health, whether its saying "I'm full" , "I'm hungry, girl you best be feeding me soon" or "Ouch stop exercising I need rest". I am trying very hard to work on this but sometimes I feel like my cues go into over drive. When I haven't eaten in a while I always have to eat an insane amount of food until I'm satisfied but by satisfied I mean laying on the couch because I'm soooo full. And sometimes its hard to tell when my muscles are just sore or if I really should take it easy. hmmm, I guess I'm not really giving advice but thinking out loud. One thing I have noticed is water throughout the day is essential for stopping those fake hunger cues, that are really thirsty cues. I learned from experience once you get that fake hunger from being thirsty its too late, you're hungry go grab an apple but drinking throughout the day is the way to go. Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I was DD :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

black beans

I almost forgot I had a blog! Well I thought I'd write about a GREAT food for dieting and not dieting. Black beans are a hearty way to get in your fiber not to mention protein. 1/2 cup is only 100 calories and has 7g of protein and 8g of fiber and ZERO fat! Today I cooked up a 1/2 cup of these with chopped red and yellow peppers, a wedge of low fat laughing cow garlic and herb cheese and a little bit a hot sauce! I'm trying to eat smaller snacky meals so this is a great 140 cal snack or put it on top of a bed of lettuce to jazz up your salad.

Also I'm an omelette queen! My omelette pan has sadly start to chip away :( I bought a new one at Bed bath and Beyond but it started chipping during its first use!!! Does anyone have an omelette pan they love? tell me the brand and where you bought it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sorry to have deserted you my children!

Okay so I had a brief affair with a 10 hour a day job that was 5 to 6 days a week. It was all commision, no benefits, and I had to pay for my traveling and food costs. After two and a half weeks I realized I couldn't AFFORD this job! haha theres a problem when you are paying to have a job. This was my experience atleast. Has anyone had a job with the company CYDCOR? I'm very interested in learning about people experiences and thoughts. CYDCOR is main corporate office and all the branches are named different names by the managers. I don't want to say too many bad things about the company but I noticed about 2 to 3 different people interviewing everyday and the office was only about 30 people. We had a meeting every morning that I can honestly say de-motivated me because it was basically shaming me into staying with the company-saying that anyone who quit didnt have good work ethic. I've worked 70 hour weeks, I have no problem with work ethic but I need to see the benefits for me that would be money. Alright share any good, bad, indifferent experiences you or someone you know have had :)