Sunday, October 28, 2012

National Thanksgiving!

So the International Thanksgiving didn't really work out but we have decided on SAN FRANCISCO!!! I'm very excited as I've never been there before!  We are staying right in Union Square and want to explore all there is to do!  Its going to be 3 twenty something girls so if you have any recommendations (restaurants, attractions) please let me know!

We are thinking of getting the Smart Destinations Go City San Francisco card.  Has  anyone used this? Loved? Hated? We are planning on doing the vineyard tour so we are hoping it will be well worth the price!

Legitimate Halloween Gripe "All Time Greats"? Lets agree to disagree Hersheys

Ever since I was very young I've been taught that "chocolate" is candy, not lollipops, Skittles, Starbursts or Necco wafers but chocolate.  As a youngster grabbing from Halloween bowls I would grab Reese's peanut butter cups, Hershey bars, and even KitKats but Whoppers? No, they stayed in the bowl right where they belonged, for the owner of the bowl to presumably throw them out, regretting their mistake of ever buying such a disgusting candy.  Surely no one likes this candy or if they do they are the type of person that knows they are in the wrong and waits until late at night to run to a CVS and buy them without being detected and eats them in the privacy of their own home away from the judging stares of me  others.  So why Hershey's may I ask that you include Whoppers in every "monster" bag of candy you sell? I was intrigued by the idea of a variety pack of candy, mostly because I'd only have to open one bag to try multiple types of candy which means less evidence (again I'm super judgey even if its myself I'm judging-equal opportunity).  So after 3 circles around the candy island at Kmart (yes I indeed was judged by others) I couldn't find a decent variety pack and this goes for Nestle and Mars but I can't write a seven page blog so I'm narrowing it to Hersheys.  So after a dismal variety search experience I decided to buy the individual bags of candy so I could get exactly what I wanted, and you know what? I did some math when I got home and they are cheaper, so the moral of the story-stay away from variety packs because its more expensive and there will always be a loser candy snuck in there, and going with the point of loser candy avoid Whoppers.