Friday, November 30, 2012

8 things you never knew about wine!

1. There is no good or bad wine, just like every snowflake is unique, every taste bud is unique and there is a person with a taste for every wine made.

2. The reason why wine racks store wine bottles horizontally- because the wine hits the cork making an air tight seal and because it keeps the cork moist.

3. When resealing a wine bottle, you are supposed to put the cork in the same way it came out.

4. when you use a cork screw, you are quite literally screwing the cork.  Items like a cork puller
 will actually preserve the cork after you open the wine so no cork bits get into your wine and it makes putting the cork back in the right way i.e. #3 a lot easier.

5. Grape trees have roots about 20 feet into the ground! The older the tree the 'better' the grapes flavors are but the older tree will produce less grapes than a younger tree.

6.  American oak barrels are about $400 each and produce wines that have a strong oak taste, french-made barrels cost about $1400 each and have a more subtle oak flavor to their wines.

7. Wine typically lasts 2-3 days after it has been opened.

8.  Wine was invented to help digest food. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

15 ways to make your office feel like a home

Working a full-time job is a large commitment of your life.  You deserve to feel just as much at home there as you do in your house.  Here's a few tips to make your office feel more like a home.

Scents, smells and cleanliness.  I'm a "smell" person so having things that smell nice around me are important, here are my office drawer essentials:
1. Hand Sanitizer ( BBW Island Nectar)
2. Lotion (C.O. Bigelow grapefruit)

3.  Body Splash ( VS Love Spell) If you'll notice the scents are all in the same family I'm a citrus/fruity gal so they work nicely together
4 & 5. (In my gym bag) Deodorant and baby wipes- I love working out on my lunch break but do not like feeling  icky putting my work clothes back on after, I cut unscented baby wipes in half, put them in a sandwich bag and use them for cleaning up after the gym 

6. Lysol wipes- I share my desk with other people so its nice to be able to wipe down my desk when I come back from lunch 

7. Air freshener - I like the bath and body works car fresheners  to keep in my drawer essentials

8. Snacks, I have popcorn, oatmeal, granola bars and cans of soups in rotation in my drawer

9. Bag of make up- I keep an extra mascara, liner, blush, bronzer, and gloss in my desk!  Its nice when I'm meeting a friend straight from work or leave my house without any makeup.  Tis the season for free gifts- go to Macy's and check out their free gifts you can get a free bag of make up for your desk in one trip!

10. eye drops ( I haven't perfected this at work but I should)

11. Mints, cough drops, gum

12. Scarf, gloves, socks , umbrella. I have black scarf, $1 target gloves, socks and an old umbrella at my desk just in case weather strikes!

13. Brush and Hair ties 

14. Nail File 

15. Brush- ups /toothbrush & toothpaste

Well thats my list! Let me know if theres anything you need at your desk to make it feel like home!