Sunday, November 4, 2012

15 ways to make your office feel like a home

Working a full-time job is a large commitment of your life.  You deserve to feel just as much at home there as you do in your house.  Here's a few tips to make your office feel more like a home.

Scents, smells and cleanliness.  I'm a "smell" person so having things that smell nice around me are important, here are my office drawer essentials:
1. Hand Sanitizer ( BBW Island Nectar)
2. Lotion (C.O. Bigelow grapefruit)

3.  Body Splash ( VS Love Spell) If you'll notice the scents are all in the same family I'm a citrus/fruity gal so they work nicely together
4 & 5. (In my gym bag) Deodorant and baby wipes- I love working out on my lunch break but do not like feeling  icky putting my work clothes back on after, I cut unscented baby wipes in half, put them in a sandwich bag and use them for cleaning up after the gym 

6. Lysol wipes- I share my desk with other people so its nice to be able to wipe down my desk when I come back from lunch 

7. Air freshener - I like the bath and body works car fresheners  to keep in my drawer essentials

8. Snacks, I have popcorn, oatmeal, granola bars and cans of soups in rotation in my drawer

9. Bag of make up- I keep an extra mascara, liner, blush, bronzer, and gloss in my desk!  Its nice when I'm meeting a friend straight from work or leave my house without any makeup.  Tis the season for free gifts- go to Macy's and check out their free gifts you can get a free bag of make up for your desk in one trip!

10. eye drops ( I haven't perfected this at work but I should)

11. Mints, cough drops, gum

12. Scarf, gloves, socks , umbrella. I have black scarf, $1 target gloves, socks and an old umbrella at my desk just in case weather strikes!

13. Brush and Hair ties 

14. Nail File 

15. Brush- ups /toothbrush & toothpaste

Well thats my list! Let me know if theres anything you need at your desk to make it feel like home!

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