Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Week Impression of Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers on 10/20 so I've been following the plan for almost a week and had my first meeting today.  There are some things I really like about WW and others I could do without.  For the things I like: Free points foods!  Who knew you could eat all the vegetables and fruits you want?!?! Well, within reason you try pulling this rule on corn or potatoes and you will be looking at a point blowout! I made a soup with chicken, beans, quinoa and corn and created the recipe on their website- a can of corn was 15 points, lets just say corn and I are no longer on speaking terms.

You have points for the day, which as a calorie counter  this was the part I was least convinced about, but I do like them and hope I get the hang of calculating them soon.

The other tracking feature I like is the workout tracker, I have used caloriecounter and myfitnesspal and I always had the sneaking suspicion that they were giving me way too much credit for my workouts.  On WW I got a decidedly low amount of points for my workout which I appreciate so I don't feel like I can go home and eat an extra 800 calories. 

Things I don't like, the website is not user friendly,  I mean I pay $42 a month to use the website and go to meetings and I can't believe how many glitches I'm finding!  Half of the 'my tools' didn't open the first few days I was on it and I registered for the meeting 3 times because even after I registered there's no where that specifically states 'you signed up for xx/xx/2013'  which really concerned me.  

I went to the meeting without my temporary card (yes this was my fault, but in my defense you can only get to the temporary card by registering for a meeting which I had already done 3 times)  and they had no communication between the website and the meeting computer to look me up.  

The meeting was a lot of fun, there was even someone who brought a pair of pants she could jump in an out of with her clothes on in front of us (love that cliche, but who doesnt').  We all received a list of Halloween candy and their respective points on our way out!  Terrifying!  I think I'm going to be baking Taralynn Mcnitts pumpkin bars to curb any cravings!