Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Great Debate

I had work today, as I was driving to work this adorable old man with a man purse was walking across the street right when the light turned green. I was far enough away that it didnt matter but then he kept giving everyone in the street the middle finger! Brought a smile to my face, I love crazy people.
Okay anyways on with the debate. This is for people that have worked in restaurants or chefs. The chef at my place is super mean and yells at people for no reason. All the servers were talking about past chefs and past jobs and said they have never met a nice chef. Every restaurant I've worked at the chefs have been such sweethearts but it seems that the overwhelming concensus is that chefs are jerks :) Have you worked with a mean chef? A nice chef? Are you a chef and want your say about what is really going on in the kitchen? I would like to know so write a comment if you got one!

I got the Frontega chicken panini from Panera today after work (we are supposed to have an employee meal before the restaurant gets busy but we didnt, read above paragraph for reason). I hate being so hungry that you need something really filling but don't have the patience to cook it :( oh well it was delicious!

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