Monday, August 3, 2009

New Obsession (not such a good one!)

don't EVEN ask me why this picture is SOO BIG! :) Okay well I've gone pretty much my whole life thinking I hated hotdogs. Bad experience? maybe. Plus everyone saying they put EVERY undesirable thing under the sun in them helped to keep me away from this food. There always seemed to be a burger option at BBQs and I LOVE burgers so I never had to face a dog in the eye :) but when I got to college there would be tailgates with HOTDOGS ONLY. I would either starve or get drunk enough where I ate one and later later was like "I was sooo drunk I ate a hotdog!!!" But the other week I was at the store and saw these Hebrew Nationals 97% fat free and I had to have them! They were $3 on sale for 7 dogs which was a lot more than any other but when you are trying something out for the first time you always choose the company that "answers to a higher authority" I don't know too much about kosher but I do know mixing meat and dairy is a no-no and that it is a very sanitary process when they cut the meat and such. Lets just say integrity is used when making this food! Okay soo I ate two for breakfast (we have NOTHING in this house) and they were awesome covered in horseradish-mustard and ketchup in a toasted bun! When you have are having a cook out party holla out to the health concious ladies and gents and get these!

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