Monday, March 3, 2014

Frozen Food Reviews

I love frozen dinners.  The biggest dilemma I run into is all the choices and brands that are available.  I'm reviewing some of my favorites.  Lean Cuisine Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans - 9/10.  This is a wonderful dinner, its filling on its own and needs no doctoring up.  If I'm buying a few frozen dinners this is always one of them.  I never get tired of it and its very satisfying and well seasoned. 

Smart Ones Broccoli and Cheddar Roasted Potatoes - 7/10.  They changed the recipe on this to make it more healthy.  The cheese is less cheesy and more saucy now.  The flavor is still there but the texture is not.  I still enjoy this dish every once in a while, sometimes you just need carbs and cheese and this can hit the spot.  Tip: add more broccoli to soak up the sauce. 

Lastly, Smart Ones Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach - 6/10.  On its own this is nothing impressive but it is very easy to doctor up and make into a hearty pasta dish.  I add 1 cup broccoli, 3 cups raw spinach, garlic and a laughing cow cheese wedge.  Microwave additional ingredients in a large bowl and microwave Smart ones as directed.  Combine and eat. Result - 8/10

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