Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to pack for a 7 day trip in a carry on

Going on vacation is one of the most exciting things you can do.  There is the anticipation leading up to the trip, the planning, the packing, the making of arrangements, and of course the getting there. Now ever since airlines decided to charge me for checking in my luggage, I've decided to pare down my packing to fit in a carry on.  I always seem to shock my travel companions with my minuscule amount of luggage so I thought I'd share my strategies I have learned over the years.
1. The first thing you should is pick out your plane outfit.  I traveled from NY to FL on my trip, so I layered up.  I wore jeans, a sweater, a scarf, and a Northface.  Now a Northface is not what you would usually want to wear in NY but it was light enough to wear in FL on cold nights, so I cranked up the heat on the way to the airport and toughed it out.  Try to pick out clothes that take will take up the most room in your suitcase and plan to wear them on your way home too.

2. Pick a color scheme. Usually people tend to wear browns or blacks.  Pick one  and base your outfits around it.  I chose black and was able to add pops of color with my other choices.

3. Plan your outfits, every item you bring needs a purpose, plan your days out with what you are wearing and then add in additional items if you have room. Bring one pair of PJ bottoms and re-use any tops you wore during the course of the trip

4. Shoes - think about the type of trip you are going on.  I was going to Disney World which means-WALKING. I packed a pair of Sneakers, flats and flipflops.  When I traveled to Vegas I packed heels that matched all of my dresses one black, one white.

5. Jewelry - Now jewelry does not take up a lot of room but I still am a minimalist because bringing 15 necklaces on a trip usually ends a fun filled day of untangling them.  I bring travel friendly jewelry such as a chunky bangle or statement necklace.

6. Make-up/skincare/perfume - This is the hardest category for me.  The liquid rule for carry-ons is no joke.

  • When it comes to perfume I spray down my suitcase, not only does this eliminate the need for me to bring perfume but it keeps my clothes smelling great the whole trip. I am also a huge fan of the roll-on perfumes you can find at Sephora, they run around $18 and are very handy. 
  • I combine my facial moisturizer and concealer in one bottle.  
  • I use an empty container to store my facial cleanser (I bought a Lumene .5oz moisturizer and the container was really nice so I've been recycling it) 
  • My makeup-I bring a eyeshadow quad, a eyeliner, blush and mascara.  If I can I bring samples or make up thats almost gone so I can toss the containers once I'm down there
  • I take advantage of hotel amenities
7. Theres a secret weapon that I haven't mentioned yet, your travel companions! If you have a friend that is checking their luggage and you need to bring your favorite hairspray, shaving cream etc.  see if they can add it to their luggage. 

8. Scout out your destination.  I was at the Saratoga Springs Disney Resort with no car and our resort store had very few travel essentials but when I traveled over to the Polynesian Resort they had a small grocery store with all sorts of travel essentials that a person might need.  

What I packed:
2 Dresses
1 skirt
2 pairs workout pants: capri and pants
2 pairs jeans: colors black and indigo
1 pair shorts
2 workout tops
5 tank 
2 short sleeved shirts
1 long sleeved button down shirt
1 cardigan
1 pair of pj bottoms
2 workout bras
1 regular black bra

2 bangle bracelets

1 cross-body purse

1 hairbrush

9 pairs underwear/9 pair socks

When packing fold your clothes in half and roll, it saves a lot of room and makes your suit case easier to look through

Let me know if you have any tips to add or dilemmas you have run into while packing for traveling

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