Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frozen food review

Okay don't get too excited but I'm actually posting about food on my food blog! I tried this new Michelina's dinner, and was trying to get a picture off the internet but this item must be so new they haven't put it on their website yet! So I had to take a picture of the box after I clipped a coupon off the cover (food AND a coupon sign me up)
I loved this! This dinner was 290 calories and had a zesty cream sauce, Southwestern Fresca was loaded with broccoli, onions, kidney beans, corn, bell peppers and carrots- 10g of fiber and 10g of protein for a meat free meal! Also whole grain pasta (why don't more frozen meals use whole grain?)

Weight Update! I've lost 19 pounds since I've started (September 14th) I've been at the same weight the last 3 weeks but Thanksgiving I ate with abandon so I'm not too upset about this but know I need to get back on track.


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I love the convenience of frozen food! I wouldn't worry about losing weight right now. You should enjoy the holidays... ya know? Well in moderation. I wouldn't go all out crazy. It starts counting again after the 1st of the year :)

Kristen said...

So true, the holidays are for enjoying time with friends, family and good food! I definitely need to adopt a less "all or nothing attitude" but I do need to fit into a dress on January 6th thats a bit tight right now :) so I'm hoping a couple pounds will be lost!