Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday challenge!

I just found this picture on google images, but I really like it. So my challenge since September is to NOT BUY THINGS FOR MYSELF. I haven't been perfect, I mean sometimes you just need to buy something for yourself but this challenge has the duel purpose of de-cluttering by elimination-specifically-make-up, bath and body products and saving money for presents. I usually have the habit of getting bored with a product after I've used up half of it then buy a new one so I then have two open products and so on. I've been working my way through my bathroom discovering products (Redkin Hair Butter Treatment, long lost love) and emptying bottles gives me a feeling of accomplishment (Is that sad?) I'm not a naturally organized person so I to go through all my stuff and put it in a SAVE, USE or DONATE pile. Does anyone else have a "special" way to organize?

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