Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting Crafty

Hi, its been a long hiatus but I wanted to share some of my crafty ideas! These are two fun ideas I thought of after buying letters!
This is my card for a wedding (duh), I love this idea because I always seem to mess up when writing on envelopes and this is way cuter than my handwriting and is un-mess-up-able!
This is a fun idea I thought of for my co-workers instead of getting them cards! I got the snowflake ornaments 4 for $1 at Target and used the same letters I used for the card above to personalize the snowflakes. I used clear Tacky Glue to adhere the letters, if you notice there are 5 K's in there, I had to get pretty crafty and cut up some X's and V's to make all 5 K's and stuck little flower stickers on the "crafty" letters to cover up the seams(I always go for the unpopular letters first)
my supplies! I bought two letter bags (one pink, one white) and two silver letter stickers sheets, everything was on clearance for 50 cents each so I made each ornament for about 30 cents a piece!

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