Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back and more inspired than ever!

So I've really missed blogging so I'm excited to be starting up again! I have gained weight and am really ready to get back on track with calorie counting...startinggg Monday, I don't know about you but for some reason I feel the need to gorge on food I pretend I'm never going to eat again before I start my cleanse! Soo my favorite foods to gorge on sour cream and onion chips I absolutely have no control! Its sad really but I never buy them soo I have really been enjoying them this weekend. I got some Tyson chicken fingers and a frozen pizza (definitely should have just gotten a slice from a restaurant frozen is always a mistake) oohh and kraft mac and cheese! Soo now that you know the dirty truth I really am excited to start my diet. I know exactly when I need to start dieting because I starting freaking out when a camera emerges! So hopefully next week I'll be a few pounds thinner and even more motivated to continue on my diet! I will keep you updated! I'm not sure what my goal is pound-wise because I have scale issues but I keep track by how my jeans fit!

So I want to hear it! What are your before diet rituals? What are your favorite diet meals/snacks?

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