Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lunch for tomorrow, dessert for tonight

LUNCH! I mashed up some black beans, carrots, broccoli, and then remembered my spinach and put some on top and a slice of provolone cheese...oooh and hot sauce. I am just waiting for the babyfood comments tomorrow and I am not excited about them....

Nobody at my work is what you would call "health conscience" in fact one of my co-workers who is a nursing student stared at me in disbelief after I freaked out when she told me she often eats ramen from the vending machine....Now I am no food snob, but I did manage to get through all 4 years of college without ramen. Pretty sure spaghetti and sauce is the same price and doesn't have 7 days worth of sodium..Okay I realize I drink diet soda so I will get off my soap box...

I just thought you would like to see a "behind the scenes" with all my "raw" ingredients... if you haven't used canned beans and are trying them out, know that they go bad REALLY fast, I mean 3-4 days tops and your fridge will start to smell like you are storing dead bodies.

Okay and dessert time for the night, 1/2 a frozen banana with a spoon of peanut butter and a cup of leftover coffee.....ummm so this skinny caramel macchiatto creamer, I will have to toss this I finally looked at the serving size today 1tsp for 30 cals?!?! yikes its not worth it especially since I like a lot of milk in my coffee.

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