Saturday, May 22, 2010

Products Reviews Continued...

This peanut butter is awesome! And cheap! I've definitely lost my taste for processed peanut butter after eating natural....
I have been putting this in my coffee and monster shakes, and it is creamy and less calories than skim milk :)
These are great! Whenever I get sick of having plain vegetables this is a great way to get a little more flavor and not totally throw away the fact that vegetables are supposed to be healthy.
Portion controlled icecream, it was love at first sight these were veryyyy good! they are smaller than I feel the box portrays but for 160 cals I'll take it!
Also very good! I didnt like the "cookie" on this kind as much it was chalky but the ice cream and caramel was amazing so I'd still reccomend them. They are ungodly expensive but it is summer and they are still cheaper and less embarassing then me running after the ice cream truck :)

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