Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diet Dessert Review!

I bought 2 Smartones desserts at Target the other day and wanted to share my opinion so you can know what to buy and know what to skip!
I really thought I was going to like the turtle sundae, alas I did not-the icecream tasted like well ICE I kept eating trying to savor any semblance of a flavor and could not taste a thing unless I was eating a pecan- Grade D
I ended up melting this a bit in the microwave because I was so scarred from the first Smartones dessert I wanted to eliminate all the "air pockets" in the icecream that I believed contributed to its tastelessness. I ended up with a soupy brownie milkshake result which I had absolutely no problem with. I ended up mixing the crust and brownies into the icrecream for maximum flavor and enjoyed this quite a bit! The brownie bites were very tasty and definitely the highlight of this dessert-and there were quite a few of them! Grade- B (mostly for the brownie bites)

There you have it! I find dessert is the hardest food to replicate when I'm dieting, what are you thoughts? Do you have any favorite low calorie desserts?

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