Saturday, September 15, 2012

1st day with Diva Cup

I keep trying to find information on menstrual cups and since I bought one of my very own I figured I would do a post on it. I bought the diva cup (pre-birth) from,  because it was the cheapest price I could find and I got a free sample WIN!  I'm pretty sure I ordered it in purple but I received a clear one- but I figured I'm the only person seeing it so I will live with a clear menstrual cup.
So the first I ever heard of a menstrual cup was on Healthy Tipping Points blog I thought "ehh kind of gross" until I read that there is bleach in tampons! I mean I guess that's quite obvious when you think about it but I had never really thought about it before her post.  My curiosity got the better of me and after reading some amazing reviews on menstrual cups I decided to get one of my own.  Now I felt that the reviews were a little over the top when reading them and still feel that way now but that doesn't mean I'm going to give it a bad review. 
One of the things I read a lot is that you will not get it on your first try and it will take a few periods to become comfortable with it.  Am I some sort of menstrual cup genius because I got it on the first try and have had no issues getting it in and out all day.
Another thing I read is that you will probably have to cut the tip of it because it will not be comfortable, again I must have a laidback vagina because I have had no issues with the tip.  I was expecting the tip to be solid but it actually is partially hollow so this may be a new feature to help with the length of the tip.
Lastly I keep hearing this "you can keep it in for 12 hours" over and over, yes it is physically possible to do this because it doesn't absorb like a tampon and cause issues that but I still wouldn't be able to with my period.  I ended up changing it 5 times throughout the day and it leaked once, just about the same amount that I would change my tampon, again I have a heavy flow and clocked 1.75 ounces on the measuring scale on it (oh yes you can measure your menstrual flow on the cup, oh the possibilities!)
One thing no one mentioned was the removal, my least favorite part. When the cup is expanded in you I found it no fun to take out and my least favorite feature of the cup because it was still "suctioned" I was very surprised to see no comments on the removal but if I were to pick my least favorite feature that would be it.
So did I like this cup? Yes absolutely I think its less messy than one would fear.  I know there is a big fear of using it in a public restroom and though I have not done it yet I think I'm going to grab a wet hand towel before I go in and be fine. This was only my first day of using it and I seem comfortable enough with it to go to work with it on Monday which I was not expecting.
Places I'd avoid using a menstrual cup
1.) South of the border, I read a lot of reviews stating once the person used it in a place with bad water they had to throw it out.
2.) A night out- I mean this is my first day using it but I can only imagine squatting while removing the menstrual cup after a couple drinks is going to end up in the toilet...literally.
Places a menstrual cup would be awesome
1.) Swimming- ever been in the pool with a tampon? Exactly
3.) new friend/boyfriends house.  Ever been somewhere where you are literally thinking you should throw it back it in your purse rather than have that person find your period supplies, then the menstrual cup could be for you (or am I alone in this train of thought).
All in all I liked it and as you will read if you are doing research on menstrual cups they are cost  effective ($30, will last as long as you don't lose it) as well as save a lot of waste from going into the environment.

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