Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Marketing Ploy Ever?!?

Candy corn Oreo's.  Are they really that controversial or is this the best marketing plan ever?  So I saw a commercial for candy corn oreos and thought "hmm interesting" not "EEWWWW" not "YUM GOTTA GET THAT" but just indifference.  Mind you I'm not that into candy corn, I will eat it if its around but I will not buy myself a bag nor go out and seek it.  So I just thought other people felt exactly the same as I did.  Boy I am wrong, there have been countless blogs, articles and news programs dedicated to finding out if candy corn oreos are the worst food combination known to man.  I saw Al Roker eating a candy corn Oreo on TV, there were people interviewed on the street! Some even refused the oreos! What? you will get on national TV just to refuse a cookie?!? Unbelievable.  I then read several blogs reviewing these treats, even substitutions, READ: putting candy corn in a regular Oreo (umm I'll just wait until next season thanks).  But all this talk leads me to my conspiracy theory: is this an amazing marketing ploy by Nabisco or are people really this divided over a candy corn flavored cookie?

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