Saturday, September 29, 2012

Easy 'Peas'y stirfry meal

I've been craving Chinese food like whoa.  I've been trying to resist the urge because I'm pretty sure its one of the worst foods for you ever (I'm not a doctor so please take any of my opinions with a grain of salt)  but I'm also a true believer of eating what you crave if the craving won't stop after an hour or so.  I decided to whip up some chicken stir-fry and it turned out pretty delicious!

Step one: Get all your ingredients!
ANY FROZEN STIR FRY VEGGIES WILL DO! I recommend a bag with sugar snap peas
I used this teriyaki sauce, its tasty and only 20 calories a serving! and minced garlic
Lastly chicken! I used honey battered chicken from Aldi
Optional:  Rice

DIRECTIONS:  I put my chicken in the toaster oven while microwaving the veggies for 3 minutes and boiling the rice.  After the veggies have been microwaved put them in a strainer to get any excess water   out and toss them in a skillet with the teriyaki and garlic putting enough in to coat all the vegetables.  Once your chicken is done toss it in the stirfry and keep covered for a few minutes.  I made rice so I used this time to strain the rice and put it at the base of a bowl.  Once the teriyaki has covered the chicken and veggies top over your rice or eat alone and enjoy!  

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