Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hunger Cues

So I was just thinking about being hungry and how mean I get when I am in this state. Honestly you do not want to mess around with me when I am hungry-nothing is funny to me and the only thing that will provide me with happiness is food in my mouth. Listening to your body's cues is such an important aspect of health, whether its saying "I'm full" , "I'm hungry, girl you best be feeding me soon" or "Ouch stop exercising I need rest". I am trying very hard to work on this but sometimes I feel like my cues go into over drive. When I haven't eaten in a while I always have to eat an insane amount of food until I'm satisfied but by satisfied I mean laying on the couch because I'm soooo full. And sometimes its hard to tell when my muscles are just sore or if I really should take it easy. hmmm, I guess I'm not really giving advice but thinking out loud. One thing I have noticed is water throughout the day is essential for stopping those fake hunger cues, that are really thirsty cues. I learned from experience once you get that fake hunger from being thirsty its too late, you're hungry go grab an apple but drinking throughout the day is the way to go. Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I was DD :)

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