Monday, September 28, 2009

Ode to a thoughtful blogger is one of the most entertaining blogs I read. Its very relevant to me as I love a good frozen dinner. Abi Jones, the creator of HER is funny, smart and thoughtful. She is partaking in a hunger challenge where she only spends $4 on food everyday. Are you wondering why $4? It's because that is what you get to spend when you are on food stamps. $4? I've spent more on a coffee! So $28 per week, that makes the dollar menu start looking expensive. Knowing abi is ONLY spending $4 a day on food I've decided to tighten my belt a little as well. I'm going to only eat what I have at my house- no eating out, no grabbing a coffee or soda when I'm out. I'm also going to go through my pantry and donate everything that has not been used in the last few months. Seriously, that pure pumpkin I bought 4 months ago would be a lot better used making pumpkin pies or muffins for others. I know everyone is struggling financially these days but I think it would be great if you did have something to give to a local food bank whether it be food or time to donate this month, I know everyone starts thinking about those in need during the holidays but people are hungry 365 days a year!

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