Friday, September 11, 2009

Sorry to have deserted you my children!

Okay so I had a brief affair with a 10 hour a day job that was 5 to 6 days a week. It was all commision, no benefits, and I had to pay for my traveling and food costs. After two and a half weeks I realized I couldn't AFFORD this job! haha theres a problem when you are paying to have a job. This was my experience atleast. Has anyone had a job with the company CYDCOR? I'm very interested in learning about people experiences and thoughts. CYDCOR is main corporate office and all the branches are named different names by the managers. I don't want to say too many bad things about the company but I noticed about 2 to 3 different people interviewing everyday and the office was only about 30 people. We had a meeting every morning that I can honestly say de-motivated me because it was basically shaming me into staying with the company-saying that anyone who quit didnt have good work ethic. I've worked 70 hour weeks, I have no problem with work ethic but I need to see the benefits for me that would be money. Alright share any good, bad, indifferent experiences you or someone you know have had :)

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