Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fruit Snacks- literally

Soooo Dr Oz, heard of him? I was reading an article about him in Health Magazine and how he "healthed up" a family. One of the things I read thats really quite obivious but you never really think of it at the time was.... when you are in snacking mode and you can't stop and are eating a bunch of junk food your body is not going to get nutritionally full. When you are snacking your body is looking for a certain nutrient that it is lacking and cheetos are probably not what it wants. Next time you are eating everything in sight really think, did I eat protein, calcium, vitamin C today? Maybe try to crush two birds with one stone by eating a cheese stick with an apple or melted cheese over broccoli. mmm I just love cheese. Today, as I am doing my version of hunger challenge I've been eating fruit for my snacks a banana and a kiwi if you havent already guessed. It's obviously not that much of a challenge today because I have so much food in the house but once it starts getting to the 4th day I'll be hurting. Have an awesome day!

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