Saturday, October 3, 2009

Recessionista's Unite!

Do you find yourself going out less and less with friends to save cash? Sometimes I find it a little sad that food and drinks are the first things I think of when meeting up with the gals, but lets face it: food and drinks are awesome! I have some great ideas that will make saving money fun!

Potluck dinner- have a group of people that you go out with? Staying in can be cheap and delicious! How else are you going to eat and drink for under $10. You can take turns "hosting" so one person isnt always stuck with clean up! Give everyone a $10 or less spending limit and a type of food in mind. Fun ideas:
*tortilla chips with different kinds of salsa
*veggies and dip
*homemade pita chips and hummus
*baked ziti or mac and cheese
*2 subs from the subway $5 menu cut up into smaller sections
*sushi ( unless everyone is a seasoned sushi eater stick with cali and veggie rolls which are enjoyed by all and cheap!)
*napkins plates cups-if no one wants to wash and buying them all once will last for several parties ( buy recycled :))
*drink mixers

The host can be in charge of alcohol (yes this may be a little more expensive but that why you take turns) and making an awesome playlist for her guests. If you want to make it a weekly event find a TV show and everyone likes and center your nights around it!

Happy Hours-the best idea EVER! Happy hours are a great way to try new restaurants, food, drinks and save money! Happy hours are usually Monday-Friday from 5 to 9 so there can't be hours and hours of getting ready if you have a job ( which I don't but if I did...okay don't know where Im going with this) I usually call ahead and ask the hostess because waitresses can be pretty secretive about happy hour specials reasoning: just because you get a 1/2 priced appetizer you still have to leave a full priced tip! You would think this would be common sense but sadly it is not. Recessionistas still need to tip well for good service!

Great Deals going on
I'm going to write about national chains that have great deals so this is useful to everyone but it's usually the non-chains that have great daily specials and deals so check out your neighborhood and help local businesses

lunch- $6.99 unlimited salad, soup, breadsticks and coffee, tea or soda. Tested and approved
Football season(gameday)-$7.99 ribs, $3.99 6 , boneless wings, $3.99 2 jack daniels sliders

2 people- 3 courses-$20, after further investigation- you share an appetizer, both get an entree (theres a few salads to pick from), and you share a dessert.

lunch-pick n'pair starting at $5.99 choose from soup, salad, sandwich, pasta
2-for-$20 an app and two entrees

*soup salad bread sticks lunch
*have smaller portions for cheap
*endless shrimp...omg such a bad and great idea all rolled into one.

*smaller portions (if you've seen their portions you know a small portion here is a normal portion anywhere else) for cheap, you can also split meals here.

15 meals under $15

Hope this has helped you out some and since this is a saturday night you might want to take one of these ideas and run with it!

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