Friday, October 2, 2009

Money-wise meals

Going along with the hunger challenge I'm going to do a semi-recap of my recent meals/money-wise meals.

1. spaghetti and meatballs ( its a classic and delicious)
2. broccoli and rice with shredded cheese (QUICK and can be used with anything to get rid of leftovers) ( grains tip-if you have a whole foods nearby, look in the bulk food bins for your grains, they have super cheap basmati rice I know for a fact)
3. Salads- again a great way to get rid of odds and ends in the fridge and is especially cheap if you buy heads of lettuce instead of bags.
4. frozen meals- I know a lot of health bloggers would rather die than eat a frozen meal but deliciousness so quickly with enough sauce to put in an extra cup of veggies I say DO IT! Kashi makes some great FILLING meals that are totally worth thr $4 price tag.
5. My favorite EGGs , egg sandwich, boiled, scrambled, omeletted pretty much anyway you do it you cant mess up.
6. Feelin fast? I say Wendy's - you can't beat it chili and side salad on the dollar menu!

I failed the hunger challenge today I'm ashamed to say, I chauffered my mom around this morning because she had foot surgery and needed to go to an appoinment and a store and I did not say no when she offered to buy me breakfast at dunkin donuts. I went on a date which I thought would just be coffee but turned into lunch; I had MORE coffee and an amazingg chicken santa fe wrap (chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers) soo good, and then for dinner my dad broughtphilly cheesesteak subs home. So even though I spent zero cash I thought I would admit these to you b/c it is freakin hard not to spend money on food when you are outside of your house and HUNGRY!

I'm very excited about my next post! stay tuned...

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