Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dieting Downfall

I would say my biggest dieting downfall is alcohol, I work full-time, I'm in grad school, I'm counting calories all day! Somethings gotta give! I went out last night and over the course of a very long evening drank two mixed drinks and 2.5 coors lights and then ate pizza, lasagna and hersheys nuggets-no not dinner just late night eating! This is my most unhealthy eating/drinking day since starting my diet. I'm using today to re-hydrate and and get back on track.

Interesting fact about me-I don't get hangovers, I can only think of a handful of times I've ever had one and if you knew me in college this would be shocking. I usually don't "drunk eat" either for all of you thinking perhaps its the insane amount of food before bed soaking up the alcohol. I am a naturally thirsty person, so perhaps that fact that I'm super hydrated could help-I really don't know. I'm not trying to brag-it would actually be a lot easier to stop if I knew I had to pay for it in the morning. So this is about the time when that disclaimer I made yesterday is coming in handy!

Does anyone else not get hangovers?
What are your dieting downfalls and what do you do prevent them?

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