Thursday, October 13, 2011

Planning a whole day worth of food - Grad School Edition

I work full time and go to grad school at night, this leads to a very important dilemma...what am I going to eat while being away from my house for a solid 14 hours? Here's a look at my end result, pasta salad w/ FF mozz cheese, tomatoes, peppers and cucumber and balsamic vinegarette. A Turkey and cheese sandwich, grapes and pretzels....I think I need another snack.....I'm freezing the grapes so I'm a little worried I'll forget them tomorrow :(

just a quick look at my pasta salad makings, I made extra pasta for another meal and cut up extra veggies for a salad... I'll be gone for my weekend class saturday from 9 to 5 so planning my dinner is essential b/c I'll go out to lunch with classmates

this is ronzoni smart taste pasta so the calories are a little higher than normal pasta but it has a lot more fiber and vitamins than regular pasta.

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