Monday, October 17, 2011

Weight Update!

okay so I've currently lost -9 pounds so far, I have weigh in Wednesdays so hopefully I'll be in the double digits this week! Its been a little discouraging because my clothes haven't been fitting that much different, but I think my work pants were getting too tight anyways so financially its okay for now...You need to lose 10% of your body weight before its noticeable to other people (so I've heard) so I just need to keep on trucking, I've noticed my hands seem thinner but thats about it.

But another one of my accomplishments (and yes this is an accomplishment) is I have not eaten Halloween candy at all so far! I'm trying to wait until Halloween and I'm sure there will be pieces around for the next couple days so I'm going to allow myself 3 days of 1 piece of delicious candy.

I'm not sure what to do about the next 2 months-meaning T-giving and ESPECIALLY Christmas!

Does anyone have any weightloss, holiday maintaining tips?

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