Sunday, October 9, 2011

Workout - 5K training Edition

Just got back from Sunday's gym workout, I'm running a 5K Thanksgiving morning so my workouts have duel purpose: weight loss/learning how to run for 3.1 miles without dying.

Elliptical-3.1 miles (personal trainer mode) in 32:02 minutes
When I am on the elliptical I alternate 3 minutes with hands on the moving bars and 3 minutes off

Treadmill-1 mile in 13:30 minutes
1 minute @ 3.8/40 seconds @ 5.3
The method I'm following along to is Couch to 5K but I have to modify it a bit since I don't have 9 weeks

Stretching- 2 minutes on metal arch following along all the pictures

Weights- 10 on each leg-lunge with arm curl-5lb weights
10 on each side- weights shoulder to straight arm above head-10lb weights
10 both at once-arm curls-10 lb weights
30 seconds- arms straight behind as far as I can pulsing-5 lb weights (felt self conscious and stopped sooner than I should have)

left gym, will try to remember to do sit ups while watching TV

I am one of those people that HATES running but am trying to run a 5K with dignity since I don't have a lot of choice in the matter (marathon running sister doesn't understand how a person would have trouble running 3 miles, its easier to give in) please give any tips to a novice and unenthusiastic runner.

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