Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Second edition of food for 14 hours

In my one of my last posts I said that I work 8:30-5 and then head to grad school 6-9 so I pack 14 hours worth of food every class night! Why? 1. because I'm counting calories and this makes it a lot easier to keep track 2. because it saves lots of money! I haven't been overly creative so far but I make sure its enough calories spread over the day and its filling nutritious food.

Protein Pesto Pasta Recipe
-1 serving Ronzoni Smart Pasta -170 cal
-1 cup canellini beans-160 cal
-4.75 cups spinach cooked down - 33 cals
-1.5 cups broccoli -38 broccoli
-1 serving pesto mix-15 cal
-2 TBS FF Sour Cream -25

TOTAL - 441 calories

I packed chobani FF strawberry yogurt and carrots for snacks during the day and a Turkey sandwich for dinner.

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