Friday, June 26, 2009

Caffeine Addiction?!?!

It only takes 48 to overcome caffeine withdrawl! Since graduating I havent had to wake early as much so I've only been drinking coffee every once and a while and by the way I think coffee is AMAZING and gets an undeserved bad rap but it has fiber, antioxidants, helps with increasing endurance in workouts and keeps me pretty full in the morning. I used to be the type of person who could drink soda after soda and fall asleep an hour later and I credit this to my rigid schedule of two cups of strong coffee a day but last night I drank a 12oz can of diet pepsi while watching The Real Housewives of NJ renunion part 2 and couldnt get to sleep until 4 am! How crazy is that? I mean 2 weeks ( I went to a school on the quarter system and graduated ridicously late 6/14!) after stopping the daily coffee and the caffeine in soda is keeping me up for hours! anyways I found it interesting and a little frustrating last night!

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