Friday, June 26, 2009

mission impossible- the desk that wouldnt leave

Craigslist, we used to be friends. When I wanted a job you delivered. When I wanted another job you yet again delivered. When I needed a DVD player you were there. So why are all the craiglisters buying my desk so imcompetent? I have a black and silver desk with a matching bookshelf described as such with photos. I had a graduate student couple come to my house and look at the desk and ask if I had a light wood desk with white legs....What? I mean its craiglist, you are buying used furniture for cheap, you have a right to choose but you can't come to someones house and request something they dont own. Then they proceeded to try to buy my sofa which wasnt for sale. I have someone who wants to buy my desk but their transportation cant pick it up for an unknown amount of time. So I'm thinking maybe me and my desk werent meant to part so soon, we only have had two years together and we've only just gotten to know each other, running up and down the staircase together, getting uncomfortably close when I squeeze out my room because its blocking it, yes its been quite a bonding time for us and like the rejected runt of the litter it is, a.k.a. not a light wooden table with white legs I'm feeling sorry for it and its growing into a love.

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