Saturday, June 27, 2009

dinner X2

so I got called into work today which I gladly went since all that was waiting for me at my house was a bunch of packing and cleaning. At my work there is always a ton of food, it is a catering company after all. I let myself eat with little reguard for calories because I am running around and lifting soo much but I always come home hungry! Kind of like when you eat after a workout and the food doesnt even register so I decided I would eat A LOT less then I usually do at work because I always go raiding through the fridge when I get home anyways. So at work I ate chicken piccata, some roasted potatoes and broccoli and then a few hours later came home to eat another piece of chicken and a salad. I think this is a much better idea it is more food then I would usually eat but I just spent 5 hours on my feet so I deserve it. Unfortunately my work is no longer letting us bring home food because some of the servers were abusing the priviledge. I can see where they are coming from because people were taking things that could have been re-used but this sucks for me and my new plan!

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