Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today is just a lazy summer day. I woke up at 11:30, ate some of my quiche and a big cup of coffee. Threw some clothes in the wash, it really has been too long when all I have for underwear is a pair of silk boyshorts which I'm pretty sure are just really small pj bottoms. So I'm throwing that in while I blog a little then take a shower. I have a economics experiment at 4, then I'm heading over to Target to get some spanx for the wedding and then I'll probably wander around aimlessly for the next hour or so. I actually have the workers come up to me and ask if they can help me find things, that's how long I stay in Target, so embarrassing! Oh and today is my last day of tanning so I'll probably go! I know this is so bad and after today I am going to try to find a really good self tanner and never fake bake again! I've used Body Shop tanner which was AMAZING but it would be nice to find something a bit cheaper and something I'm sure wont clog my pores. So if anyone has recommendations I'm willing to try anything!

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