Friday, June 26, 2009

Snack and a drink

at 1:30 I realized I was thirsty and hungry, time for some lemon-lime water and a chocolate peanut CLIF mojo bar. After drinking some water I realized I was just thirsty but after you pick out a CLIF bar you cant put it back so I ate half of it and am saving the other half for after I help move out my desk! Yes, it sold almost instantly and I have a back up person who wants it just incase these people back out! This more than makes up for yesterdays lady who had her 8 year old son call me to tell me she wasnt going to buy it anymore! what the heck, who uses their kids to call people to tell them that? When I was telling my mom and friend they both almost instantly said "Wrong person!" Its not that I dont like kids but I'm not the type of person that would find a child calling me cute which I think is what this lady was hoping for. Well I'll stop before I sound like a complete monster!

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