Friday, June 26, 2009


I love giving gifts! Almost as much as I like receiving them! I'm the type of person that would never give a giftcard because I like to give something that makes the gift receiver know I thought about something to get specifically for them! Now this gift is part of my wedding gift to my BFF Allie. As you may have read I am her Maid of Honor! Now I kind of got the idea from a website but I put my own twist on it. This bottle is a 10th anniversary bottle of wine for them so obviously I had to put a "do not open until 7/11/2019 on it as well as a future congrats for their ten year anniversary (creepy or creepy awesome?) and then I also put a Anniversary calendar on it so they can rip off each year and think about how much they want this bottle of wine! So the reason why I love this idea so much is because 1. they get to think of the awesome person who gave it to them on the special day and 2. it can be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. I honestly thought this label was really pretty and would get a little ripped up over time so it looked like they had been married for a wicked long time before they got to open it but to each his own! Thought I had to include a fun post since I had to rant to you all about CL.

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