Saturday, June 27, 2009

leftover SUSH lunch

Just another lazy day in C-bus, Ohio. I woke up at noon. I'd like to state I'm not a complete bum. I work as a server at a catering company so I do work and I actually signed up with another company to work today but they gave me the wrong address yesterday (or I may have written it down wrong) so I wasnt able to go fill out my tax papers. sooo anyways I'm sitting at home. I ate the rest of my sushi it was the halibut rolls, so good! I wasnt sure whether I'd like it or not but the whole platter was fully cooked so I'm not really a badass. I waited until after the sushi to drink my coffee because I wasnt sure how coffee and sushi would mix. Today I'm planning on packing up a lot of my stuff to move back to NY! I feel like I havent fully explained why I'm selling off my furniture, well its because my lease is up 8/22 and I am not sure how much stuff my dads car will be able to fit on the way back home. I'm staying in Columbus for the wedding but hope to be home by late-mid August.

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