Monday, June 29, 2009

hey everyone! Today I've been running around all over the place! I ate a chicken, cheese and spinach wrap on a wheat tortilla and then went to starbucks and got a skinny caramel macchiato and went to bank, then Bed,Bath and Beyond and searched a few other places to get the rest of Allies wedding gift and finally put this crazy wedding spend to an end :) I complain but I love it! I got her a gorgeous Luigi Bormioli decanter and wine glass set! It is soo pretty I wanted to keep it for myself or buy another but it was the last one. I love getting the "last" of an item! So that with the wine and maybe a frame will be the gift. I should have waited until the last minute to buy this because I always keep buying and buying its like a disease! I got home and wrapped it. I've seen very pretty BB&B boxes but they certainly did not give me one! I wrapped it up because the best part of a gift is ripping up some paper.

I ate a can of progresso spicy chicken gumbo with less sodium and it was really good! Soup is one of my favorite foods when trying to cut calories, its warm filled with lots of different things and is so filling.

Now I am going to do one of my "recession proof your grocery shopping" tips, write down everything I have, I really need to stop shopping or going out to eat because I'm moving out and I'm not about to take all this food with me!

Alright I'm going to do that and then later tonight I will be showcasing a recipe that always makes my roomates jealous!

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