Tuesday, July 7, 2009

attempting a peaceful walk in C-bus

So I went on a little night walk to just take in some fresh air and calm myself. I love walks outside, none of my roommates do which is a shame so I just have coldplay sing to me through my ipod. I arrange my walks so that I avoid bar patios and walk on our empty campus just to have it be even more peaceful.
So I'm starting Check Spellingon my peaceful walk and crossing a road a white car starts beeping at me. I just keep walking but can tell its actually stopped behind me and beeps even more so I'm like "wow this has to be one of my friends" I turn around and its some 30 year old guy and his bud. Now I would say 99% of the girl population hates being beeped at by men. I don't really see what they get out of it, the horn is not a mating call men its a noise that makes signifies bad driving. If I'm dressed up with a bunch of girls I get it it's kind of funny but when you are alone wearing sweats, no makeup and over sized sunglasses its downright annoying and kind of scary. I'm posting this because it really ruined my walk, especially since my over sized sunglasses were blocking my vicious glare, so if one guy reads this and realizes this annoying way to get a girls attention is just that annoying, and waits until hes not in a moving vehicle to hit on a girl it will make it all worth it :)

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Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

I love this! lol.. Fantastic post!