Friday, July 3, 2009

Good afternoon

I woke up today REALLY wanting coffee!

Last night got a little crazy drink and foodwise. Allie and I split a burger and then decided we wanted more so I made allie go up and work her "bachelorette" charms and we got another free burger and a HUGE plate of fries. I'll tell you if you want free drinks the whole night being a bachelorette is a perfect plan!

I made skittles for our pregame! which consisted of diet mountain dew, half a packet of crystal light (the big packets) and korski vodka (classy)! it was so good, its usually made with koolaid but crystal light hid the vodka beautifully.

Another Drinking tip: if you are prone to hangovers it may be the alcohol you drink, cheaper liquor and wine is filled with sugar which will give you a killer hangover as opposed to the more expensive stuff.

When we got there everyone was really interested in the bachelorettes outfit but it was not late enough in the night for people to buy us drinks yet, we went out at 7 because one of our roomates had work at 6 today. But within a few hours we had drinks coming out of the woodwork!

So the night was a blast Allie and I got kind of lost together and wandered around the bar ( this usually happens) and only one sad man who told us marriage was a sham and everyone gets divorced put a bit of a damper on the night because he wouldnt leave us alone but other than that- we ate, we drank, we danced- songs requested-Whitney Houston-I wanna dance with somebody, lady gaga-just dance.


Gaby said...

It´s sad because if I go out with girlfriends it's the same thing...wonder around to find or see someone interesting and you find the guys that are bitter but if you are not looking for find it!

Kristen said...

yeah older man alone at a bar with angry look on his face--KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE!