Thursday, July 30, 2009

I just want to be a grown up with a vocation, but I'll tell you about my day foodwise

my dad grilled up a Perdue's perfect portion chicken breast with Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. I'm very particular about what kind of bbq sauce I like and this stuff in awesome, beyond awesome even. I also ate some delicious corn from a farmers market and zucchini cooked in tomato sauce (ehh so-so but don't tell my mom this is one of her "classic recipes")

I got a job but not a job that I'm really excited about. I'm a server at a nearby country club. My boss told me several times how "demanding" the customers can be....oh fun :) This willl probably be something I only do for the next few months anyways and hopefully only on the weekends once I get a real job.

Breakfast and lunch were both the same thing-leftover Spinoccoli Pizzeria Uno pizza. I think I've mentioned "trigger foods" before, pizza is one for me. When its in the house it fills my dreams and its all I think about until it is gone. This pizza has got some power to it. It is heavy as anything and has a crust like a crossiant sooo good and its actually filling after two slices...shocking.

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