Thursday, July 16, 2009

Save the world while saving your wallet

I just got so inspired from my last post that I thought I would write a bunch of the things EVERYONE can do with little to know effort! But first my celebrity PET PEEVE!

I've heard Jennifer Aniston say in at least three interviews I've read ( and probably more) that she saves the world by only taking showers for three minutes, umm hello if we all had someone to wax our entire body and do our hair everyday we'd all only need 3 minutes in there. Also shes the spokesperson for a bottled water company! Seriously? taking a long shower is a lot less hurtful to the world than throwing another plastic bottle on the planet. Sorry I had to rant about that its been bothering me for years!

1. Unplug appliances you aren't using, a little bit of energy still is used even when the appliances arent being on! Crazy I know so unplug

2. I'm sure you've heard your dad say "are we single handedly supporting the electric company?" Mostly because my mom likes every light on in the house but its not needed! I try to do a sweep of the rooms before I leave the house to make sure all unoccupied rooms don't have lights on one.

3. Carpool, do all you and all your roommates need jobs? Okay okay this is probably a lot easier in college but get a job together (thats what me and two of my roommates did!) Work is a lot more fun along with the trip to and from. Going along with that stop driving to places you can walk to, get some fresh air its a lot more relaxing than a 2 minute car ride. I got some serious guns carrying my groceries home in London!

4.Use the same cup all day, I drink a ton of water everyday and if I got a new cup every single time it'd be disgusting and our dishwasher would be running non-stop. So going along with my calling out JA for being a poser use the same cup in your house and get a reusable water bottle for your time away from home (don't use bottled water bottles over and over they give you cancer when heated)

5. Fill your gas tank in the morning (this isn't really saving the world but it saves cash!) As all you science people know heat makes gas expand , so when you fill your tank in the hot sun you are getting less bang for your buck and then when it gets cold the gas condenses. The best time to buy your gas is in the morning, 5 am is the coldest time of day, so rise and shine :)

6. pay it forward, getting your roommates and friends to start doing these easy tricks is going to make the biggest differences since two heads is better than one.

7. Re-use things, use your old grocery receipts to write your new shopping lists on the back, if you get plastic bags from the grocery store find something to reuse them for, save all the Christmas cards you get to cut up and make tags for gifts, go one step further and save those tags for next year. Towels- I use to 2 towels for my hair and body everyday, not necessary at all, use them as many times as you can while still feeling clean. Same goes with jeans.

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