Wednesday, July 8, 2009

mehh day

So I went over to my friends and her apartment is gorgeous, we got to look through all her shower gifts and put them around the apartment.

I called home just to make a quick call to my parents about picking me up from Ohio and my mom told me that my dog Katie is not doing well at all. She's 15 and a cocker spaniel so I get it that shes old but its so sad I've had her since I was 7 years old. I was home in March and she was doing great so its just a shock to me. It seems like she always rallies back to health but I guess shes doing pretty bad and my parents don't want her to have to live in pain. All I can think of is how I had the cutest picture of her on my cell phone but I had to replace it after a month of dropped calls I couldnt transfer it because the phone was completely defective. If there was ever a commercial NOT to get T-Mobile this would be it. I'm so mad at T-mobile right now I never had the chance to go home and take another picture of her.

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Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

im sorry! Thats the worst part about having animals. Losing them... so heart breaking...