Monday, July 27, 2009

planting my garden

Today I drove over to Hewitts a local garden store and bought sweet basil, green beans, cucumber and tomato seeds. I held off on the tomatoes because they take a long time to harvest and can be bought half grown nearby. I got bit by a lot of mosquitoes and stung by a bee on my elbow, I can barely straighten my arm (awesome) but hopefully it will all be worth it in the next month and a half when I'm eating my own produce. Its been a rainy NY this summer, I've only been home for a few days and its rained everyday of it so I hope this won't negatively affect my plants and only rain enough so I don't have to go out and water my plants :)

My camera is still packed but I went grocery shopping the minute I got home and have some awesome products I want to recommend!

I bought a box of this, I know it is not the healthiest cereal out there but its soo delicious and stopped me from eating an entire jar of PB.

Walmart's (warning, not an actual photo) -Black bean and corn pico de gallo! I found this in the refrigerated section near the produce for $2 and can't stop eating it. I've put it over a bunch of lettuce and then put some shredded cheese on top and a little blue cheese dressing for an awesome salad
Also glad to see I have some new followers! It makes me very excited that people are reading my blog and I'm not just writing this for my benefit! so thanks to everyone that has been following so far!

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