Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lunch time!

good afternoon! I tried my other Ethnic Gourmet meal for lunch today-Chicken Tikka Masala with a big bowl of broc, I must say the Masala part of this was AMAZING! so good! The chicken didnt look like the picture but it was all white meat and really good. The rice on the other hand sucked! For being "all natural" this was the most artificial tasting rice I've ever eaten out of a frozen dinner! I'm torn to recommend this or not! The chicken, the sauce amazing! and if you want to dump the rice and make your own it would be delicious! But the whole point of a frozen dinner is quick and efficient and @ $3.50 on sale you might as well get takeout and feed yourself for a few meals instead. The result is a draw-the entire meal was only 260 cal and tasted really rich and I'm completely full so if you are watching your calories get the meal if not go to your local indian takeout!

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