Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fun and games

So cleaning out our living room I found all my games that I brought, I thought I'd bring some special attention to catchphrase because that game is just so much fun I have the music edition but theres the original too. Texas hold 'em for dummies was NEVER used but I think I'm going to make my dad play with me when I get home, I kind of know how to play poker but thats like saying I know how to lose money :)
So now my pasta salad. I made it this morning and let it cool for an hour and a half before digging in. I dropped some frozen beans and spinach in when the pasta was boiling so I wouldnt dirty another bowl in the microwave. Its Smart choice elbows, so its whole wheat that gets all the nutrients bleached out and then put back in artificially- I bought this for mac and cheese awhile ago and it was in no terms supposed to be healthy so it did its job. I had some FF zesty italian dressing I poured on and then chopped up two string cheese sticks. I enjoyed it a lot but you can definately tell the difference in the dressing, all the oil in the regular italian dressing makes such a beautiful harmony with the pasta that FF dressing can not live up to. But for 15 calories a serving as opposed to....more I'll deal with it.
Today I'm going to see my best friends new place with her husband to be on saturday! so excited!

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