Thursday, July 2, 2009

yesterdays sins, and tonights future sins

Hey everyone,
I woke up had some coffee and a square of my quiche and its on to packing! I finally took down the corona banner and blow-up plane from our jacquzzi room, yeah we never ever used it but I still had a tear in my eye as I ripped down all the potential we had for being on MTV Cribs.
So tonight I am going out to celebrate a 2nd bachelorette party for my roomate allie whos getting married hosted by my roomates who didnt get to come out for the first one. Too bad yesterday was my cheat day! oops I ate an entire Market Pantry bag of trail mix from Target, yes the entire bag. I tried to rationalize that the peanuts had protein and my body unconsciously made me eat the entire thing to get the much needed protein. Like when you eat ice cubes when you are low on iron, except peanuts have calories. So if I havent proved it before I'm not a role model for a healthy lifestyle :) Have an awesome day!

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Gaby said...

I'm the same! I always say I'll start a diet and once I go out...boom! I eat and drink. I think about the joy of my favorite food and drinks but then I see how my clothes fit. Trying to be healthy but it's hard!!!