Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ode to Make-up Snob

As I was reading it occurred to me that I have 3 products I would bet my life on and share with everyone I know.
They are all from Lancome, I absolutely love them, they are a little pricey but WORTH every penny I promise! I have longish lashes but after Lancome Primer, and Lancome Hypnose mascara they get ridiculous! I try to pair my department store make-up purchases with the free gifts so that I get a lot of fun make-up and products I might not buy but obviously I'd want to try! Lancomes make up remover is amazing! I use to be the girl pulling under my eyes to get my liner off but that is soo terrible and that skin is very delicate and I don't need huge bags in my life so this is my saving grace!
Lashes tip- if I'm feeling super ambitious I hold my eyelash curler underneath my blow dryer for 15 seconds to heat it a little then I curl my lashes when only the primer is on then coat with mascara
Okay so go out and buy these and see how right I am!

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Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

Ahh, yay! So excited. Post for me! I complelty agree with you on the Lancome makeup remover. Seriously I havent found anything better! Im glad you love it too! I tried the cils xl primer from Lancome and loved it but havent tried the mascara yet, but I shall! But you definitly have to wait for gift with purchase. If you can get something free why not? Great post!
p.s i messaged you back on my post about the concelour in case you hadnt seen! :)