Sunday, July 12, 2009

the wedding!

I've been gone for a few days with the wedding! So Friday I'm walking out of my house to drive over to Allies and my car is gone!!! I completely forgot about "street sweeping" with all that was going on this week. Street sweeping is Columbus's fake service to collect money for the city. They go around sweeping the streets once a month and towing cars in the road. So instead of helping Allie set up things at her house I waited in line for 3 hours to get my car back. It probably couldn't have happened at a better time though I barely even cared that I paid $200 to get my car back because I was in go mode and thinking about what else I needed to do and pack before I left for the weekend. So atleast I got to the rehearsal dinner :) and Allie got all the bridesmaids adorable Coach wristlets! Mine was all white, she knows me so well! I'm not a big logo girl I actually think they are tacky except for my chanel bag, chanel can ALWAYS be obnoxiously advertised in huge letters! She also made everybody picture frames and got me a special MOH gift certificate! I just loved everything and it made me feel proud of myself for how much work I have done for the wedding! I've always been the type of person to try to do more than is expected of me and this was no exception!

Friday night I actually got some sleep at Allies parents house and woke up the next day to go to Allies makeup appointment and then get to the church! We all ate turkey subs and were hungry for dinner once that came too! and I thought nerves would stop hunger! Never!!! The wedding was so amazing and Allie looked soo beautiful in her dress! My speech went awesome and for me to say that says a lot! I thanked the p's said a funny story and told everyone how much Allie and Jon meant to me! I've watched so many wedding toasts and the best man always has witty fun toasts and the MOH's are usually lame speeches or bawling their eyes out, so I practiced a ton in my room and was constantly tweeking it to make it as good as possible! I was determined to have the better of the two speeches, I'm competitive like that! I'd like to think mine was the best! I didn't cry during it either so even more yay!

So the wedding was a blast! I had a ton of alcohol, I'll tell you 3 glasses of champagne in a limo before a toast is really the key to getting rid of any nervousness! I can't even begin to count how much I drank at the reception! I was at the reception from 4 until 1 am! I stopped drinking at 11:30 though. I then decided to sleep in the back seat of my car (thanks to the drinks) and woke up at 4 am absolutely freezing but sober!!! So I drove home at 4 am in my dress :)
Now the present, today was not healthy or even semi-healthy. I had a chicken melt, I have never had a melt so I'm pretty sure I ate mayonaisse today but I was ok with it because I needed some hangover food I only could finish half of the sandwich and a few fries (not like me), I then dragged my bed out of my room and into the living room and went out and bought an air mattress at Big Lots for the next 2 weeks (only $25 and who can't use an air mattress). Someone was SUPPOSED to pick up my bed today but did not even call-SO FRUSTRATING hence my earlier craigslist rant post! I'll give her until tomorrow and then I'm re-posting it because I need to sell it, I had a lot of interested buyers and ummm its taking up my entire living room! I'm about to blow up my air mattress and realize that I need some 1.5 bolt batteries so I run to CVS and they just happen to be having a BOGO sale on batteries! Yes, I love when you don't even try and you get good deals, also I got a bottle of softsoap for 99 cents not amazing but at CVS it is. then I drove to T-bell and got two chicken burritos ughh why! I figured I'd make a day of eating bad food! This sadly is what works for me I feel so sick and terrible that I WANT to eat healthy for a week! We'll see how well that works, if I get hungry tonight I'm only letting myself eat fruit or veggies b/c thats what I NEED no more processed crap! So anyways if you read that entire post thank you! I had a great weekend and just can't stop talking about it! Have a great day everyone!

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Kimberley said...

Sounds like you had a great time at this wedding! I really love weddings! Planning mine was a blast!!!

If it makes you feel any better, I ate disgustingly bad today. Ribs, macaroni salad, and a HUGE bowl of ice cream! Groan!