Thursday, July 9, 2009

getting my gourmet on

hello this is a late post paired with a late dinner. You caught me I again went to the grocery store! I just couldn't bare to eat anything else I had-I finished off my pasta salad, my shredded chicken, a can of soup and made a pizza wrap which I wish I took a picture of because it was awesome! but then I knew grocery shopping was in my future! I think I'll be staying until July 23rd though soo I'll probably need some more food anyways ;) I got some ethnic gourmet meals! They are all natural ( I checked, they have completely readable ingredients) I just love Pad thai! Its one of my favorite foods on earth and living in C-bus, Ohio I don't get nearly enough of it! I will tell you where the best pad thai on the planet is though Sea restaurant in NYC!!! Although I will give a shout out to North Market in Columbus for an honorary award although I did not know what to make of the tofu they gave me-very rubbery and greasy...okay okay back to the frozen pad thai w/ tofu I ate...noodles were a bit soggy which was dissapointing, it did have a really good flavor though and for a frozen dinner I think it did a really good job putting in all the essential ingredients of pad thai-crushed peanuts, scallions, carrots. So I would say go and get this for quick dinner at home don't be expecting a super authentic pad thai but a a pretty decent imposter. cheers!
Also This weekend is going to be super busy and internet-less. I'm heading over to Allies for last minute setting up then rehearsal dinner. I'm sleeping over and then ofcourse THE WEDDING!!! I believe I'm sleeping in a tent in the backyard Saturday soooo I wont be posting until Sunday when I'll be moving my bed out of my room and I'll literally have the world's saddest emptiest room ever!

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